Yard's Love Stout ( Philadelphia, PA )

Yards Original India Pale Ale is made the way the India Ales were in the 1800's. Back then, such beers were originally meant to supply the English troops in India. In order to allow IPAs to withstand the long trip by sea, both the alcohol and hops were increased. In that tradition, Yards IPA weighs in at 8% ABV with 70 bitterness units. The result is a heavyweight brew with a pale appearance. Yards Original IPA won Best of Show at Phillyfest '99.

Yards Brewing
Yards Brewing Company was founded in October 1994 and debuted its flagship beer, Extra Special Ale (ESA), at the Philadelphia Craft Brewers Festival on April 30, 1995. The response was overwhelming. In order to satisfy growing demand for its product, the brewery moved from its tiny original plant to 5050 Umbria Street in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. A bottling line was added and tank capacity was increased to 3,500 barrels per year and Yards began bottling its Extra Special Ale in late December, 1997. The brewery also began producing a variety of new ales. Yards will be expanding again in 2001, moving to the Kensington section of Philadelphia and into the former site of the Weisbrod & Hess Brewery that closed its doors in 1939. The 40,000 square foot facility will enable Yards to increase production to nearly 10,000 bbls/year.


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