Wild Goose Snow Goose ( Frederick, MD )

Wild Goose SnowGoose Winter Ale is a hearty seasonal beer which is full-bodied, rich and delicious. It has a dark amber color, an intriguing toasted and caramel malt aroma and a spicy floral bouquet. Mildly bitter chocolate and fruity elements are ntoiceable on the palate before a fresh, spicy, and bitter hops finish. Overall, Snow Goose is a well-balanced, robust, and complex seasonal offering.

Wild Goose Brewery
The recently renamed Wild Goose Brewery taps into the heritage created by Maryland’s largest brewing company. The sale of Fredrick Brewery to the Flying Dog Ownership Group of Denver, CO insure sthat this local symbol of brewing excellence will remain in Fredrick, MD for years to come. The newly formed entity operates under the name Wild Goose Brewery, LLC and shares ownership with Flying Dog. Opened in 1994 as the Frederick Brewing Company, the brewery has the capacity to brew 120,000 barrels each year, but could be expanded to 300,000+. The brewery continues to brew some of Maryland’s favorite craft beer brands such as Wild Goose and Blue Ridge but also brews Flying Dog’s beer under a special license arrangement.


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