Warsteiner Premium Verum ( Germany )

Our company only purchases and processes quality hops that meet our strict quality requirements. The special combination of bitter and aroma hops is unique and is a key component of the well balanced, mild-hoppy WARSTEINER Premium Verum.

This phrase was added by the WARSTEINER brand to its advertising more than 50 years ago to appeal to women as consumers of this noble "barley juice". The themes of beautiful, confident women were very successful. In the company of the Cramers - the family of owners that has been guiding the fortunes of the Warsteiner Brewery since 1753 - women played and still play an important role. In the summer of 2006, Catharina Cramer joined her father Albert Cramer on the management board and thus became the first woman in the company's history to take this position. With new structures and innovations, the brewery and its long tradition will continue to be successful into the ninth generation.


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