Troegs Hopback Amber Ale ( Harrisburgh, PA )

Troegs HopBack Amber Ale gets its unique name and taste from the HopBack Vessel in the brewhouse. As the hot wort is being transferred from the brewhouse to the fermenters, it circulates through the vessel, which is packed full of whole flower Nugget hops. The result is a delicious beer which begins with a fresh hoppy aroma and delivers a spicy, hop-enhanced flavor. Troegs released a draft-only version of HopBack in September 2002 as part of its "single batch" test brewing program and it proved so popular that it will replace Troegs ESB as the brewery's year-round flagship beer.

Troegs Brewing Company
Troegs Brewery in Harrisburg, PA is a dream realized by John and Chris Trogner, who trained in brewing schools in England and Chicago and served apprenticeships in Colorado breweries. The brewery's name comes from a combination of "Trogs," an old family nickname, and "kroeg," a Flemish word meaning pub and has as its motto "handcrafted by two brothers." The brothers Tröegs concentrate on traditional European styles and all of the brewing, bottling and recipe formulations are done at the brewery. The beers are brewed from all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives and are unpasteurized.

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