St. Ides ( San Antonio, TX )

Ides High Gravity is a popular potent (8.2% ABV) malt liquor. It is most frequently sold in 40oz Bottles that retai for a price of $1.99. It is also sold in 22oz bottles and 4/6 Packs of 16oz Cans.

St. Ides
St. Ides is a potent brand of malt liquor that is manufactured by the Pabst Brewing Company. The beverage contains 13-13.05% alcohol by volume, which puts it at the high end even for the high-alcohol malt liquor category of American lager beers. In addition to the plain St. Ides, the beer is also available in a number of "St. Ides Special Brews" that add a variety of flavorings, including mint and various fruit flavors, to the beer.

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