Sleeman Porter ( Canada )

The first in the John Sleeman Presents series, Sleeman Fine Porter is straight from page 68 of the family recipe book. The original Porters were the drink of the working class in 1700’s England where they were seen to be more nutritious. Take a sip of history today and experience this brew just as George Sleeman presented it back in the 1800’s.

Sleeman Brewing Co
The Sleeman family has been brewing beer in Guelph, Ontario since the mid-1800s. The original Sleeman Brewing & Malting Company ceased operations in 1933, only to be revived after half a century by John W. Sleeman, great-great-grandson of the original brewmaster. Since 1988, Sleeman has once again been brewing its renowned Sleeman Cream Ale and other beers according to the original recipes that date back over 100 years. Japan's Sappro Brewing acquired the company, which had itself earlier acquired Unibroue, in October 2006.

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