Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat Ale
( Boston, MA )

Hazy and golden in color, this American wheat beer is a fresh twist on the popular hefeweizen style. Made with Eureka & Lisbon lemons grown in three different regions of California. These particular lemons add the perfect balance of citrus tartness and sweetness to accent t...he taste of the beer. The spiciness of the Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Spalt Spalter Noble hops balance out the slightly sweet character of Samuel Adams' signature wheat malt, resulting in a crisp and refreshing wheat beer with a subtle lemon aroma and flavor.

Samuel Adams
The Samuel Adams brand began with Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The original recipe was developed in 1860 in St. Louis, Missouri by Louis Koch, who sold under the name Louis Koch Lager until Prohibition, and again until the early 1950s.

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