Poperings Hommel ( Belgium )

Pours a orangish body with real good frothy head that dies slow with lace. A spicy, sour grape/tart fruit and citric hop aroma as well as yeasty; something like apple or pear in as well. Little bit of sugariness for sweetness and some spices come in as well. Great balance comes to my mind, especially for the Belgian take on this style. Slightly smooth and creamy, the beer is light-bodied but still has a carbonation that makes the beer sharp and pronounces the citric hops which abound. Great balance is achieved with tart fruit tastes like grape skin, apple and pear. Clove and pepper round out the body which has a good candi-sugar and caramel sweetness as well a grainy, bready touch. Easy to drink with good fruit and sweetness while still maintaing a large hop edge, this beer finishes real crisp and is a must for anyone who appreciates Belgian ales.


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