Piels Light ( San Antonio, TX )

Piels Light pours a beautiful light straw-gold body beneath a frothy head of bright white that drops readily but maintains a decent collar. No lacing is left about the glass. The nose is limited. In the mouth it's light bodied and crisp.

Piels Beer, aka Piel Bros. Beer and Piel's Beer, is a regional lager beer, originally brewed in Brooklyn, New York. Located in the East New York section of Brooklyn at 315 Liberty Avenue, it was founded in 1883 by the Piel brothers: Gottfried, Michael and Wilhelm Piel. The soft water from Long Island was preferred by German brewers and Breweries in Brooklyn proliferated at this time. Piels union employees are reputed to have been guaranteed ice cold beer on tap 24 hours a day in their union contract. Piels, in its present incarnation, is generally regarded as an inexpensive beer.


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