Pacifico Clara ( Mexico )

Pacifico Clara, brewed in Mazatlan, is known for its brilliant pale gold, full-flavored taste and is easily recognized by the colorful label featuring the famous life preserver and other symbols of the Pacific Ocean and fishing. While only available in certain areas, Pacifico remains one of the top selling beers in Mexico. Pacifico was first made available outside of Mexico in the United States in 1985 due to the demand for the product by surfers and sport fishermen who had visited Mexico's West Coast. With its hoppier flavor and distinctive packaging, Pacifico has developed its own unique image -- which is often compared to specialty or regional beers -- and has earned a place in the top selling import beers in the United States. Pacifico is a specialty regional beer that, while only available in a few states along Mexico's Pacific coast, remains among the top 10 selling brands in Mexico. Pacifico is the one that must be tried by seafood lovers. Pacifico has 146 calories per 12 ounce serving.

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