O'Doul's Amber ( St. Louis, MO )

O’Doul’s Amber is brewed using two-row, Munich, caramel and black malts and a blend of Willamette, Cascade, Hallertau, European Strisselpalt and Tettnang hops. It features a deep, amber color, a fruity, toasted malt aroma, and a rich, slightly sweet taste, which is balanced by a crisp body dryness and flavorful hop finish.

Together, O’Doul’s and O’Doul’s Amber have won 13 consecutive awards in the non-alcoholic malt beverage category at the Great American Beer Festival dating back to 1993. They have also won 10 medals at the North American Beer Awards in the non-alcoholic malt-based beverage category and five World Beer Cup Awards in the non-alcoholic malt beverage category. These competitions award brewers for brewing excellence.


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