Lancaster Milk Stout ( Lancaster, PA )

Lancaster Milk Stout is a highly popular verson of a this traditional English style sweet stout. A bold, dark ale, Milk Stout offers mellow hints of chocolate and coffee to offsett its roasted barley dryness. This beer won a Gold Medal and the 2002 State College Microbrew Exposition.

Lancaster Brewing Company
The Lancaster Brewing Company on the corner of Plum and Walnut streets, is the only brewery in Lancaster City. Early in the history of the United States, Lancaster earned a reputation as the brewing capital of Pennsylvania and later dubbed the "Munich of the United States" because a steady influx of German immigrants brought them the new-fangled "lager beer" concept in the mid-19th century. Lancaster's great breweries thrived, even right through Prohibition, until the last of them shuttered the doors in 1956. Today's Lancaster Brewing Company was born as Lancaster Malt Brewing in 1995, reviving that great brewing tradition. After struggling through some difficult financial times in recent years, Lancaster has re-emerged in 2002 as a full-service microbrewery and brewpub.

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