Lakefront Variety Pack ( Milwaukee, WI )

Lakefront Brewery Variety Pack, $35.99 + Tax.

Lakefront Brewery
Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery Inc. was founded by Russ and Jim Klisch in 1987.Initially, they bought an old pizza bakery building down the street from their home in Riverwest qne sold their first barrel on December 2, 1987. They stayed at that location until winter of 1998. until they moved to 1872 N. Commerce Street with the support of the city. Production today is just shy of 9,000 bbl. The company, aware that people with celiac disease are intolerant to wheat, approached the government and got legislation to change so that they could sell and market their non-glucose beer, New Grist. Lakefront Organic ESB was first certified organic beer to be labeled in the US in 1996.

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