La Fin Du Monde ( Canada )

La Fin Du Monde is an exquisite blond triple, with champagne-like effervescence and subtle, lingering flavors. Full bodied, with a warm and mellowing effect, it has earned the nickname “liquid gold.”

Unibroue is a Belgian-accented microbrewery located in the Montreal suburb of Chambly. The brewery was founded in 1990 by André Dion and Serge Racine, who acquired 75% of the outstanding shares of La Brasserie Massawippi Inc., a brewery then in financial difficulty which was located in Lennoxville, Quebec and, in order to distribute the brewery’s products, founded Unibroue. They purchased the balance of the shares at the end of 1991 and the brewery became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unibroue in January 1992.
In the spring of 1992, Unibroue associated with a Belgian brewer with expertise in the manufacture of beers on lees and launched its first beer refermented in bottles, Blanche de Chambly. During the next four years, Unibroue developed and marketed six other beers. In early 1993, Unibroue moved its brewing facilities from Lennoxville to Chambly and started exporting to Europe and the United States the following year. In 1996, Unibroue sold its first beer in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Australia and became the truly international brewery it is today.

Unibroue’s beers are unpasteurized and continue to ferment in the bottle and thus may retain their flavor and smoothness for years. They are distinctive, memorable and increasingly popular.

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