Jever Pilsener ( Germany )

This very rare and distinctive sub-category of pils would be the fresh, wild, herbed/hop pils. Unlike other german macro-pils, this bier is very distinctively herbed and often wild in aroma and taste, reminiscent of wild bay leaf, further perhaps bay berry, and a lure of fresh rosemary sprigs, a mineral taste briefly appears, just before a full-on-hops-straight-from-the-vine experience that lingers on for moments after each sip. The textured, sparkling white head acts as an excellent vaporizing conductor of the uniquely detailed qualities in the glass below, carrying the pungent and fresh character upon the air, in a perfume of luring fresh hops. This is the type of character in a pils that should be sought after, if not treasured. If however, although Jever Pilsner is not the best (fresh, wild, herbed/hop pils) in quality or elegance, it makes do, and is anything but pretentious. A standard to a list of table german beers for anytime.


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