Flying Fish Exit 11 Wheat Ale
( Cherry Hill, NJ )

We've now hit our second stop on our multi-year trip to explore through beer all that is New Jersey. Exit 11. Its confluence of highways ensures that you can get there from here. So we chose a beer that celebrates a confluence of styles. We looked to Germany and its wheat beers, but then we used a classic English ale yeast. A trio of Pacific Northwest hops chime in to creates refreshing American wheat with a bit of a hop bite.

Flying Fish
Flying Fish Brewery of Cherry Hill, NJ was the world’s first, and probably only, brewery that was created on the internet and had a solid customer base established long before the first beers were brewed.The Flying Fish Web site,, went up in late 1995, about a year before the brewery opened and the site was instrumental in raising the $825,00 necessary to move the brewery from the cyber world to the real world.

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