Flying Fish ESB Ale ( Cherry Hill, NJ )

Flying Fish ESB is the brewery's flagship brew, a classic British extra special bitter made fresh with an American slant. A beautiful copper color with an amber head, this local classic features four different malts, including imported Belgian malts, and three hop varieties. The rich malty start features caramel notes that develop into a smooth, pleasurable hop finish. To preserve flavor and complexity, ESB is only lightly filter the beer, so there may a small amount of yeast found in the bottom of the bottle.

Flying Fish
Flying Fish Brewery of Cherry Hill, NJ was the world’s first, and probably only, brewery that was created on the internet and had a solid customer base established long before the first beers were brewed.The Flying Fish Web site,, went up in late 1995, about a year before the brewery opened and the site was instrumental in raising the $825,00 necessary to move the brewery from the cyber world to the real world.

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