Efes Pilsener ( Turkey )

The flagship product, Efes Pilsen (called "Efes Pilsener" in English) gets its unique taste from rice added into the ingredients at brewing stage. The 5.0% ABV beer has been described to have a "tangy malt and hops aroma, rich malt in the mouth, and a bitter-sweet finish that becomes dry and hoppy".

Efes Beverage Group
Efes Beverage Group was founded in Turkey in 1969, and today consists of fifteen breweries in Turkey, Russia, the CIS countries and Southeast Europe, with headquarters in Istanbul and corporate branches in ─░zmir. Named after the ancient city of Ephesus (Turkish, "Efes") located near the ─░zmir brewery, the company is a subsidiary of Anadolu Group, and is the largest producer of beer in Turkey with approximately 82% of the market share.


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