Duvel Holiday Gift Pack ( Belgium )

A unique, strong golden ale, Duvel is unlike any other beer in the world! The Duvel Golden Gift box is the perfect holiday gift complete with 4-11.2 oz bottles of the world renowned ale and a signature Duvel tulip glass.

In 1871, Jay Leonard Moortgat began brewing his beers with passionate craftsmanship. Today, the fourth Moortgat generation is proudly continuing his legacy. Duvel, or “devil,” is their flagship brand to which the Moortgats owe their fame. Thanks to Duvel, they are internationally renowned as the specialist in the niche market of blond, high fermentation, bottle conditioned beers. In the new millennium, Duvel Moortgat is an independent, stock exchange- listed brewery group that is dedicated to authentic, natural specialty beers. In addition, Duvel Moortgat has grown to become one of the largest brewery groups in Belgium, exporting its beers to every continent.


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