Delirium Tremens ( Belgium )

Delirium Tremens was voted "Best Beer in the World" in 1997. Developed with three different yeasts, it has a beautiful blond and coppery color and a compact and abundant head. The beer has a nose of wheat and barley with traces of coriander and orange. It is full and round in the mouth, yet also spicy, with a pleasant bitterness to the taste.

Brouwerij Huyghe
One of the earliest monasteries to embrace the new beverage "beer" in ancient times was the Abdij ter Duinen (Abbey of the Dunes) founded in Koksijde, Flanders, Belgium in 1107. For over 400 years the Abbey operated it’s beloved brewery. The Duinen Abbey reached the height of its glory in 1300 when it housed 120 monks and 248 lay brothers and its lands stretched over 22,000 acres.

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