Czechvar ( Czech Republic )

At 5% alcohol by volume, the beer pours a crystal clear golden color. A light carbonation is evident as few small bubbles rise to the surface after pouring. A delicate hop aroma creates the first sensation on the taste buds. Next, an early hop bitterness comes through, followed closely by a dry, pale malty flavor that is mellowed by the soft mouthfeel. This medium-bodied lager reveals an overall character that is clean and dry, and that finishes slightly crisp. Overall, a beer flavorful enough for a winter thirst reprieve, but light enough to quench that heat-induced summer urge for a cold one. Bottles are date-stamped for freshness, with a "best before" date about one year after bottling.

New to U.S. markets, the Czechvar Premium Czech Lager beers is brewed at the Ceske Budejovice Brewery in the Czech Republic.

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