Boxcar Original Ale
( West Chester, PA )

Original Ale is Boxcar's first beer. This light bodied ale offers a pleasant hop flavor balanced with a mild malt taste and a hint of citrus. Two different types of unroasted base malts and whole leaf cluster hops are dry hopped with whole leaf cascade hops to provide the rich flavor to this very pale ale. The finish is satisfying and clean with an alcohol by volume of 5%.

Boxcar Brewing
Boxcar Brewing Company, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was founded in 2008 by cousins, Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson. Boxcar began selling its Original Ale to local bars and restaurants in April of this year. The brewery was officially announced in May. It is owned and operated by Chester County residents Jason Kohser and Jamie Robinson and their wives, Kristen and Kymberly respectively.

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