Bitburger ( Germany )

Bitburger is a classic brew, a mature beer made with the best of ingredients in the same traditional way it has been for decades, The beer is delicately tart and pleasantly bitter with a strong hop taste.

Bitburger is totally refreshing with a good feel in the mouth and a lingering, clean finish.

The Bitburger Brewery was founded in 1817 when a 33-year-old brewer and landowner named Johann Peter Wallenborn built a brewery "outside Schaakentor gate" in Bitburg where he began brewing top-fermented beers. Bitburger became one of the first breweries to start producing beer brewed by the Pilsen process in 1883. The brewery was completely destroyed during WW2 but rudimentary repair work enable Bitburger to start producing beer again as early as August 1945. When the Berlin blockade ended in 1948. Bitburger Pils was the first West German beer brand to reach the divided city. Practically everything in the brewery was replaced in 1965, helping turn Bitburger into one of the biggest-selling breweries in Germany.

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