Beck's Dark ( Germany )

Beck's Dark isn't as dark as one might imagine. It pours with a dense brown head that produces some nice lacing. The body is a clear brown/copper color - a shade darker than an Oktoberfest beer. Its nose is subtle with some malty sweet notes. Its flavor is pleasant but not remarkable with notes of roasted nuts and a sweet malt character.

Beck's Beer
Beck's Brewery (Brauerei Beck & Co) is a brewery in the north German city of Bremen. Owned by local families until February 2002, it was then sold to Interbrew for 1.8 billion euros. The brewery was formed under the name Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G. on 27 June 1873 by Lüder Rutenberg (8 February 1816—14 June 1890), Heinrich Beck, and Thomas May. On 1 October 1875, Thomas May left the brewery which then became known as Kaiserbrauerei Beck & Co.

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