Bavaria Holland ( Holland )

Bavaria Beer has been brewed in Holland since 1719 and it has been a family owned and operated brewery for the last 284 years.  Bavaria uses only the finest ingredients in Europe to maintain tradition and quality. Bavaria uses water from its own fresh quality springs.

Bavaria Beer, though full bodied in flavor, is a light, refreshing and less harsh beer than traditional Dutch imports. Bavaria Beer is styled to appeal to broader American markets with a lighter feel and less hop bitterness and aftertaste. Bavaria Beer is made in the Pilsner style, resulting in a very drinkable, smooth flavor.

Bavaria Holland
Bavaria is a Dutch brewery founded in 1719 by Laurentius Moorees in Lieshout, North Brabant, and currently owned by the Swinkels family. The brewery produces a range of standard and low alcohol pale lagers under a variety of brand names including Bavaria and Hollandia. In fact, a number of European supermarket own-brand Dutch lagers are contract brewed by Bavaria. In Australia the Liquorland chain of bottle shops distribute both Bavaria and Hollandia brands as 'premium' imported Dutch beer lines. This builds on the fairly recent introduction into Australia of other popular Northern European lager beers such as Heineken and Stella Artois. It's Bavaria Crown product is 4.3% and popular in Ireland.

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