Augustiner Brau ( Germany )

Augustiner's most popular brand is Augustiner Helles (5.2%), a light lager beer that is given a prolonged secondary fermentation phase. This is the brand that is generally referred to when talking about Augustiner.

Augustiner is the oldest brewery in the Munich region, tracing back to the early 1300s. The Augustiner Keller, home of the smooth, savory and slightly sweet Augustiner beer, is not far from HofbrÀuhaus. Originally an Augustinian monastery dating back to 1294, it first began brewing beer in 1328. Augustiner beers had already become famous by the early 1550s when Martin Luther used to stop for a pint when he was in the area to preach. Eventually, the brewery was moved to its present location on Neuhauserstrasse in the center of Munich where it remains a must stop for beer-loving visitors to the city.

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