Asahi Super Dry ( Japan )

Asahi Lager is one of Japan's major beers and, at least at one time, the third best-selling beer in the world.

Lager is one of the two major types of beer, fermented at a lower temperature than is Ale, which is the older of the two styles. The style developed in the Middle Ages in Bavaria, when brewers discovered that their brewing yeast actually continued working at very low, near freezing temperatures, unlike traditional ale yeasts, and that colder fermenting produced a smoother, more mellow beverage. This new beer took its name from "lagern" (German for "to store") as Bavarians began brewing it late in the fall and storing it in deep caves, covered with ice from nearly lakes and rivers, for drinking in the spring.

When scientists became more familiar with the nature of yeasts in the late 19th century, they discovered further than lager yeasts settled to the bottom of the fermenting vessel at the end of the ferment. Lagers became defined as bottom-fermenting beers and ales as top-fermenting beers. Cold-fermenting and aging also allowed lagers to be brewed lower in alcohol content and with fewer hops and the style became popular with a larger segment of beer drinkers than ale, especially after the invention of refrigeration and temperature control made year-round cold fermenting and aging possible.

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