Aris Greek Lager ( Greece )

Brewed in the industrial area of Thessaloniki, Sindos, Greece.

Mythos Brewery
Mythos Brewery is the second largest brewery in Greece and a member of the Carlsberg Group. The production plant is located in Thessaloniki where Mythos, Mythos Red, Kaiser and Henninger beers are produced. Especially Mythos beer, the first authentic Hellenic beer, is the only Greek beer brand that is exported to 30 countries having branded demand and loyal fans.

The company also imports and distributes throughout the country international beer brands: Danish Carlsberg, French Kronenbourg 1664, Belgian Grimbergen, and the Irish Guinness and Kilkenny registered trademark by Diageo Ireland. Therefore Mythos Brewery expands the Greek market of beer and offers Greek consumers new qualitative choices of tastes. The company also maintains distribution centres in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, providing nationwide distribution coverage.

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