Appalachian Water Gap Wheat ( Harrisburg, PA )

Water Gap Wheat is a light refreshing wheat beer brewed with special yeast and a blend of malted and unmalted wheat which provides the haze in this unfiltered style ale. This beer is traditionally served with a lemon slice on the side.

If you like this beer try, Otter Creek Summer Wheat, Hacker Pschorr Crystal Wheat or Tabernash Kristall Wheat.

Appalachian Brewing Co.
Appalachian Brewing Company became the first brewery in Pennsylvania's state capital since 1951 when it opened in January 1997. The brewery and an attached full-service restaurant and brewpub are housed in an impressive three-story brick and heavy timber structure in Harrisburg, built circa 1918. which features ntique brick walls, massive wooden beams, and hardwood floors and ceilings
At 50,000 square feet, the Appalachian brewpub is one of the thrree largest in the country.

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