Evil Genius Good N Evil
( Philadelphia, PA )

Good ‘n Evil is a German-style ale which balances a sweet malt aroma with a light hop finish. This true session beer is perfect for sipping on by the side of the pool in the summer, a thirst quencher after a busy day, or a winter’s evening treat. As beer drinkers ourselves, we prefer great tastings sessionable beer. This one surely fits the bill.

Fish Brewing Company
The idea for our business came out of the usual "we should start a brewery" conversation that every guy has had with a friend at one point in time. However, most friends convince each other that starting a brewery is definitely a pipe dream and abandon the scheme all together. What makes us different is that we each made a commitment to someday reach this goal. Now, against all odds and thousands of man hours later, we have finally turned our dream into a reality. 


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