Bass Ale ( England )

Bass Ale is the most famous and widely traveled of the British pale ales which are bottled and exported around the world. Brewed using almost exclusively Halcyon barley from Norfolk and hopped with the aromatic Northdown and Challenger hops for the flowery, nutty character, the bottled version exported to the U.S. are subjected to some filtration and a light pasteurization to stabilize the beer and extend its shelf life, so it is not a true reflection of the draught version sold in British pubs. "True" Bass is smoother and not as strong.

Bass Charrington
The ancestry of Bass Ale can be traced back to 1002 AD, when monks at the Benedictine Abbey at Burton-on-Trent first started to brew beer for the refreshment of their visitors. But the story really begins in 1777, when the ambitious William Bass bought his own brewery, and brewed his first pint of ale.
The label incorporating the world-famous Bass Red Triangle -- originally a shipping mark -- is the world’s oldest registered trademark. On the eve of the Trade Marks Registration Act of 1875 going into effect, it is said that a loyal member of the Bass staff spent an uncomfortable night on the steps of the registrar’s office to ensure that the label with the red triangle -- which had already been used officially by the company since 1855 -- would hold the coveted No.1 place.

Bass Pale Ale arrived in the United States in 1799, where it quickly became very popular. First Class passengers on America’s earliest railways reportedly enjoyed it at dinner.
Today, Bass Ale is produced by Bass Charrington, Britains’s largest brewing company. Bass sells over 8 million cases in the U.S. alone and continues to be enjoyed throughout the world.

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