Anchor Christmas Ale ( San Francisco, CA )

Anchor Christmas Ale is always an interesting beer experience as it is brewed differently each year. It is a dark brew offering a blend of intriguing flavors and aroma. Cloves, nutmeg and perhaps a hint of ginger and mint are usually repesented. There is a bit of chocolate flavor mixed with the spices on the palate but hops predominate in the end. Dry, clean finish with lingering hop notes.

Anchor Brewing Company
The Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco was begun the 1860s and, in one of the semnal stories in modern American draft brewing, was saved from bankruptcy in 1965 by current owner and CEO Fritz Maytag, an heir to the Maytag appliance fortune. Today, Anchor sells about 110,000 barrels a year of its seven brews, led by its flagship beer, Anchor Steam. Anchor beers and ales also include Anchor Porter, Anchor Small Beer, Anchor Wheat, Liberty Ale, Old Foghorn, and Our Special Ale -- a seasonal holiday brew that changes each year.

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